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The Smartsheet website will go through a redesign, launching in June. Prior to launching the redesign, we benchmarked the current website user experience and set target metrics for the next benchmark study to compare (in addition to documenting delights, pain points, and design recommendations).

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The team..

I led research on this project and partnered with brand, marketing and design by defining project scopes and identifying the appropriate research methodologies to answer core research questions.

Goals & research questions

Where do users go on our site?

Do they have enough information to decide if this is what they need?

Do they understand what Smartsheet does and the value it delivers?

Do they understand how Smartsheet can help solve their business problems?


From our pilot study, we learned the original tasks we instructed to participants did not address our research questions. Working with our stakeholders, I iterated on our research approach so we observe participants naturally.

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