The Problem

The Smartsheet web team worked on redesigning the website (launched in July, 2019). Prior to launching the new website, I conducted a qualitative benchmark study to set target metrics and measure the user experience to inform the design of the new website. Once the new website was launched, I conducted another study to compare the user experience of the previous version to the new.

Smartsheet homepage (previous website)

Smartsheet homepage (previous website)

Smartsheet homepage (new website)

Smartsheet homepage (new website)

My Role

  • Facilitated UX Research partnership with brand & marketing

  • Ran a series of qualitative benchmark studies

  • Created study plans and discussion guides

  • Screened and recruited participants

  • Analyzed and reported findings


From a pilot study, I learned the original tasks I instructed did not provide the data our partners was looking for. Partnering with our brand team, I iterated on our approach to the study so participants naturally observed the website.


The web team launched the new website that included several changes I recommended. I conducted the second study and the results showed a significant improvement around communicating what Smartsheet is, how it works, and what makes it different from other tools.

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